Mary Queen of Apostles Parish, Goulburn
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36 Verner Street, Goulburn NSW 2580
Fr Joshy Kurien PP
(02) 6239 9863
Monday - Friday 8.30am to 12.30pm

Parish Forms & News

Sacramental Enrolment Form 2022

Goulburn Mission

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Parish Census Forms

New parishioners please complete & return to the Parish Office

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Restoration News


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Stations of the Cross

Please download

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Parish Newsletters

Parish Bulletin

23 January 2022

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Parish Bulletin

16 January 2022

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Parish Bulletin

9 January 2022

Delete 1 - 220109 GOULBURN MISSION Baptism of the Lord   Yr C 2021 (001).pdf
Parish Bulletin

2 January 2022

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Sacramental Enrolment Form 2022

Please download and complete the Sacramental Enrolment Form 2022  below and bring it along to the enrolment night in March to register your child.


Upcoming Events

CHECK IN at all Churches (Covid Restrictions)

Masks are strongly encouraged.

You are required to scan QR NSW Services check in code before entry to the church. You can add others under ‘dependants’ as you check in if needed.

If you don’t have a mobile phone  with you you can check-in using iPads available at the door. (Glbn) 

This is absolutely important that we all do the ‘honest’ thing as we come to worship. This is the only way to help the Govt. for Contact tracing to protect the community from the spread of this virus.

NSW App Visit:

Supporting the Parish

Some Giving options to support your Parish Community:


1.                CBA Bpoint Internet website payment page Creditcard payment to 1st & 2nd collections

 A          Bpoint Internet facility can use the CDF’s facility for their Parishioners. The following link to the CDF’s Bpoint payment facility can be shared in emails and newsletters to your Parishioners.

The CDF’s website address is : (COPY & PASTE the link below to search )

Payments can be made for both 1st (Clergy) and 2nd (Parish) Collections, using the answers to questions asked whilst parishioners are processing the payment the CDF can determine the account to credit onreceipt of the funds.


2.                  Direct Debit Agreement from bank account or credit card via completion of direct debitagreement form.  Form available upon request –Goulburn office.


Bank account debiting is arranged by the CDF following completion of the Direct Debit agreement, Card debiting is maintained by the Parish via their own Bpoint merchant facility.

3.                  Direct credit to the Goulburn Parish account

Goulburn Parish

EFT details- which you set up in online banking- 1stcollection- Central presbytery EFT-         CLERGY

BSB 062 786

EFT ACC 000029248

Ref: Glbn.+ (Surname)

2nd collection- Parish MQA     GOULBURN PARISH BSB062 786

EFT- ACC 000014927

Ref: pg+ (env no or Surname)

(Please note that these numbers will not work at a bank branch.)

DD *Over the counter depositing at a bank branch

1st        BSB:    062-902    Account Number: 00903419Reference:    80091 + surname (is fine)


2nd   BSB:  062-902 Account Number: 00903419   Reference: 14927 + pg no (surname)



Goulburn Parish
36 Verner Street, Goulburn NSW 2580
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