Canberra Central Parish, St Brigid & St Patrick Churches
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2 Bancroft Street, Dickson, ACT, 2602
Rev Fr Emil Milat
(02) 6248 5472
Mon - 9.30am to 12.30pm. Wed, Thurs – 9.00am to 1.00pm

Parish News

History of Canberra Central Parish

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Parish Newsletters

18 April 2021

Parish Bulletin

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11 April 2021

Parish Bulletin

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Easter Sunday

Parish Bulletin

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28 March 2021

Parish Bulletin

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Shepherd's Corner


The Archdiocese is promoting Alpha as a very graced way to evangelise, that is, give the many people that surround us in our daily lives the experience of the New Life we are reading about in the readings in this Easter Season- especially in the Acts of the Apostles.  You might feel like a bit of that experience too! I am keen to try it in the parish as it has been a most effective spiritual tool in that regard.  I am inviting a team to trial the course first- on Thursday nights in May and June in the Dickson Parish Centre- it runs for about 8 weeks with a Saturday afternoon reflection day component.

If anyone would like to be involved please see me for a chat!


Fr Em



Welcome to Canberra Central Parish

Maximum 180 attendees in St Brigid's Church and 160 attendees in St Patrick's. Sign in on arrival or use Check In CBR app.

Regular Mass Times

St Brigid's Church Dickson (open 8am-sunset every day)

Weekend Masses:

Saturday 6pm

Sunday 9:30am

Weekday Masses:

Tuesday to Saturday 9am


St Patrick's Church Braddon

Weekend Mass:
Sunday 8am
Weekday Masses:
Tuesday to Friday 12:30pm


St Brigid's: 9:30am-10am on Saturday mornings

                        5:30pm-5:50pm on Saturday (before evening Mass)

St Patrick's: Friday 12 noon 


We invite everyone to send us their email so we can keep you updated regularly with the bulletin. Please email the parish at

We also recommend the Archdiocesan daily Mass online at this website


First & Second Collections

First Collection - Continue to Contribute

The 'First Collection' is for the parish priest.  The contributions made are deposited into the Central Presbytery Fund from which the clergy are paid their annual stipend of $19,000 per annum.  With social distancing restrictions, parishioners unable to attend services have little opportunity to contribute to the stipend of their parish priest. 

If you would like to continue contributing to the 'First Collection' then you can deposit directly into the Central Presbytery Fund account, Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn.

  • BSB: 062 786
  • No:   000029248
  • Central Presbytery Fund   

Note: Please record your surname and parish name (Central Canberra) in the reference field when you make a transfer to the Central Presbytery Fund account: e.g. 'BLOGGS CANBERRA CENTRAL'.


Second Collection – the parish of St Brigid & St Patrick

 For those who would like to deposit directly to the parish by Electronic Funds Transfer details are-

  • BSB: 062 786
  • No:   000013150
  • Canberra Central (St Brigid & St Patrick Parish) Fund

 Note: Please record your surname and Planned Giving (envelope) number in the reference field when you make a transfer to the Second Collection account (so that your contributions can be recorded and a receipt issued at the end of the financial year): e.g. 'BROWN ENV 111'. If you don't have a planned giving number, contact the office.  

Upcoming Events

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St Brigid Church Canberra Central Parish
2 Bancroft Street, Dickson ACT 2602
St Patrick Church Canberra Central Parish
Donaldson Street, Braddon ACT 2612

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